The choosing of soldering iron tip for PCB work

2016/7/3 7:25:52

I have access to a weller WLC100 solder station that currently has the stock solder tip which is 3.2mm which is too large for me. I was thinking about get Kester 44 resin core 0.032 solder Now I am thinking which size of screwdriver tip to choose, 1.6mm or 2.4mm, which is better?


2016/11/21 10:20:54

I use a 1.6mm with my WP25 for PCB's and the 4.8mm in the WP35.

Keven Lohuds

2016/9/27 12:28:56

Kester "44" is not the greatest solder in the world . the 63% tin/37% lead type is very good.

jeorge daniel

2016/7/16 10:05:38

I use RadioShack's standard 60/40 (tin/lead) resin core in 0.032" and 0.062" diameter, which works good.


2016/7/5 7:25:52

Like this post very much.

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