Tested PCB assemblies' nomenclature

2016/11/20 9:13:31

For PCB terms, I know PCB and PCBA, but does anyone know a standard term for a PCBA that has been through test? I would probably refer to it as a tested PCBA, is it right?


2016/12/24 18:51:33

We generally have the manufacturer do the testing, so we never see the untested parts. However, I expect it would work similar to how we treat non-programmed parts vs. programmed parts. So for a tested PCBA and an untested one, we can call them with different part number. Such as PCBA 1 refers to a tested PCBA, and PCBA 2 refers to an untested one.


2016/12/18 23:08:37

A good shop order process and a tight chain of custody between work cells should be the only proof that it's ready for an installation or shipment. No amount of stickers, ambiguous names, or labeled buckets will replace the history and pedigree provided by a work order with testing results, rework orders, and QA sign-offs attached to the back.

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