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Techniques of Embedding RFID In PCBs
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Emre Karabek

By integrating MAGIC-PCB, an RFID PCB identification system from Beta LAYOUT, with Murata’s Magicstrap module, PCBs can now be used as RFID tags. Beta LAYOUT, with its partners in the RFID Value Creators in Electronics’ consortium, is developing tools and designs that enable developers to trial and consider the MAGIC-PCB technique for embedding RFID in prototypes. 

Murata’s Magicstrap, a tiny and robust component for RFID tag with excellent RF functions and built-in IC, can be embedded in PCBs or surface mounted, and with its UHF frequency band resulting in shorter wavelengths, it utilizes smaller antenna designs than LF or HF chips. An integrated adaptive matching circuit included in its multi-layer structure enables the ground plane of the PCB to be used as an antenna with read distances of several millimetres. 

The MAGIC-PCB system also features fast data acquisition (simultaneous reading of over 100 tags/sec.), high reading accuracy and the ability to read through enclosures and packaging. Offering a number of turnkey antenna designs which can be applied to existing PCB designs, Beta LAYOUT also makes available an RFiD starter kit, which includes a read/write device, MAGIC-PCB, antenna modules and Magicstrap samples.

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