teach you how to distinguish the genuine of tantalum capacitor

2017/9/27 15:42:23

In the development of new customers, often hear the customer to reflect the purchase of a tantalum capacitor occurred in this or that kind of problem, actually the original goods in correct way is relatively stable, the reason is the source of the problem, may buy is fake, or junk.

Pay attention to the following, and believe that will be helpful for you.

1, Tantalum electrolytic capacitor welding pin shape, original AVX tantalum capacitors welding pin cathode is not the same as the negative, positive for the "concave" type, it is concave into , the negative is "mouth" type.

2, The printing tape, take the goods apart, transparent tape above about 25cm intervals have AVX printing (direct gravure printing of the machine, no color), fakes are generally not printed with the word AVX.

3, The tantalum capacitor body printing content. Tantalum capacitor body consists of two line printing, contains the LOGO AVX logo, capacity value, voltage value, production batch number and other four information, these information are indispensable, not on the assumption that the general is a fake. The tantalum capacitor encapsulating characters will also see more clearly, AVX tantalum capacitor standard is too small to with the magnifying glass to see.

4, The consistency and quality of chip tantalum capacitor body printing, many innovative AVX tantalum capacitors is do not see that it is fake from the above three points, because it is original vintage may fold machine goods or low goods (a low voltage level, such as use of the10V to you as 16V) from the head after grinding printing up, this time will be distinguish with from the ontology printing fineness and consistency, the wording of the fake on the content and format with the original not differentiated, but after all, not better the original equipment and mold, so the details are the difference of detail. The details of the difference is divided into two aspects, on the one hand, fineness, fake color generally darker some red and different depth; on the other hand is consistent, the original excellent consistency, print is very clear, the false will appear in disorder, and the body will feel the same to each other as the two molds are printed out.

5, Check the standard specification: if you want the standard is not a standard specification of the chances that you buy a fake is very large. There is no standard specification standard although not say 100% of the original factory production, at least not a common standard, agents that must be no inventory (agents not to order some loopholes of material inventory), to place an order, 

order cycle time, minimum order quantity, the advance payment proportion are generally not acceptable to the customer. So it is recommended that the customer selection must choose standard products.

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