Switch canvas to opengl issue in Kicad 4.0.1 version

2016/8/23 13:21:51

I am using Kicad Version 4.0.1. In this Printed circuit board editor View toolbar switch canvas to default and switch canvas to OpenGL mode available which is not in previous old version. So what is difference between these two modes?

Mohamed Ramadan

2016/11/25 4:24:04

As I understand that OpenGL means future and Default means legacy. Default is working and will be maintained with time went by, but no new features added. OpenGL is sometimes buggy, but for example got the push and shove router functionality or arrays.


2016/10/23 7:58:15

If you click right select and go to properties for each of the two lines that make that intersection, do they show a matching Start X-Y point?

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