Survey on PCB Solder Finishes

2017/3/1 5:03:25

PCB Solder Finishes Survey Questions
Results for the 1996-7 survey are located at
As a number of SMART people have requested an update on the solder finishes survey SMART Group have run in the past here is your opportunity to contribute information and see what changes are going on in your industry. We have run this survey for the benifit of assembly companies and look forward to your input.
Please complete the survey by typing a cross or filling in the required details. The results will be compared with survey results gathered by the PCIF and compared with the original survey results already published on the SMART Group Web Site. Many thanks for your time.
1. What PCB solderable finish is most often specified by your company ? Electroplated and fused tin/lead Solder Levelled Solder levelled (Horizontal) Copper OSP (Organic Solder Preservative) Electroless Gold over nickel Copper Lacquer Silver Palladium Other please specify:
2. What is your Company business: Military Telecomms Computers and peripherals Consumer Other - please specify:
3. Are you a: Original Equipment Manufacturer Contract Equipment Manufacturer
4. How many SMT boards do you produce per week?
5. How many different types of PCB do you assemble per week?
6. What pitch of components are you currently assembling on boards ?
0.050" 0.025" 0.020" Less than 0.020"
7. Are you currently assembling board with ? Ball Grid Array components Chip Scale Packages Only Surface Mount
Which solderable coating do you feel provides the best compromise for your future requirements ? Electroplated and fused tin/lead Solder Levelled Solder levelled (Horizontal) Copper OSP Organic Solder Preservative Copper Lacquer Silver Electroless Gold over nickel Palladium Other please specify:
Please email the survey back with your answers.
Many thanks to SMART Group, PCIF and smart-e-link members for participating in this short survey.


2017/3/3 5:03:25

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.

Don Caprio

2017/3/3 5:03:25

Like this post very much.


2017/3/3 5:03:25

I must say you have very interesting posts here.


2017/3/3 5:03:25

Great article! Keep up the great writing.

sam adnan

2017/3/3 5:03:25

Remarkable.It help me a lot. Thank you.

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