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SMT Stencil

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The purpose of an SMT stencil is to transfer solder paste to a bare circuit board. Before the assembly of the SMT components solder paste is printed onto the component pads of the printed circuit board by stencil, which are today usually manufactured from steel, more rarely from nickel or polyimide.

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Stencil Design
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Hello there,
I have a new board, fairly heavily populated with a number of FPBGA on it. The smallest has a pitch of .4mm.I have 3 questions, 1st what is the best appeture for this small pitch. 2 Will type 3 paste work or will I need type 4, and finally what will my stencil thickness be. We usually run around 5thou but I think this might even be too thick. Electroform is the way for the stencil but not sure of the thickness
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Like this post very much.

Great help to my new project.

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