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PCB Assembly Rule

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Join in this group and you will know many rules of PCB Assembly and solve the problems when in PCB assembly.

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Starting an SMT line
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Earl Swope

We are investigating equipment for a new SMT line. We are an OEM doing thru hole assembly and now must decide whether to do SM assembly in house or sub-contract out. We are a low volume/high board mix company. Our boards are mixed tech with SM on both sides, some have BGAs and fine pitch to .016". The equipment under consideration is: For Pick&Place: Quad IVcMk2/68 or QSX, Mydata TP9-2U, Zevatech FM760L and Philips Emerald For printers: MPM Model SPM, DEK Model 260 For ovens: Conceptronic Concept 60, Quad 942C, Electrovert Omniflo Anyone with experience/info on any of these an email would be greatly appreciated.
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