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PCB Layout

Sporting a layout module, an autorouter, schematic capture, and component/ pattern editors


Sporting a layout module, an autorouter, schematic capture, and component/ pattern editors, Novarm's latest version of its DipTrace 1.23 PCB design software application package features a PCB Layout module, a powerful auto-router, schematic capture, and component/pattern editors, enabling board designers to develop their own component libraries.
The easy-to-learn package provides an intuitive user interface and many features that can help simplify the pc-board design process. For instance, a schematic can be converted to a pc board with one mouse click. The board designer can instantly renew the pc board from an updated version of the schematic and keep existing placement, routed traces, board outline, mounting holes, and other work.
DipTrace's autorouter can route single-layer (bottom side) and multilayer circuit boards. There's also an option to autoroute a single-layer board with jumper wires.
DipTrace has a shape-based copper pour system with different possible fill types and thermals to make plane layers or to reduce manufacturing costs by minimizing the amount of etching solution. Its design-rule checking (DRC) checks the clearance between design objects, minimum size of tracks, and through holes. Output formats are DXF, Gerber, N/C Drill and G-code. With DipTrace, users can import DXF files in PCB Layout and Pattern Editor. Standard libraries contain over 50,000 components.
The unlimited version of DipTrace is available for $695. DipTrace Extended (2000 pins), DipTrace Standard (1000 pins), and DipTrace Lite (500 pins) are available for $495, $345, and $145, respectively. A free version is available for download with a 250-pin limit.
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