Some problems of etching my first PCB

2016/5/26 13:34:35

I have printed the layout with an inkjet printer onto film and the result looks pretty good. I have a UV exposure unit and tried a wide range of exposure times- It seems to need 20 mins in order to yield what looks like a good result in developing after a couple of minutes. Etching starts well, but I always end of with some of the tracks dissolving away- the resist seems to flake away exposing the copper underneath.


2016/9/2 21:40:58

We need to know details about your type of sensitized board and developer.


2016/6/21 19:52:20

The time you used for UV exposure seems too long. I use about 2min30s to 2min40s for my boards and that is with a similar UV lightbox from RS.

Mauro Del Signore

2016/5/28 13:34:35

You are a genuis!

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