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PCB Layout

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The connections on a PCB should be identical to its corresponding circuit diagram, but while the circuit diagram is arranged to be readable, the PCB layout is arranged to be functional, so there is rarely any visible correlation.

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Some Free Tools Used for Schematic and Layout Simulation in PCB
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Yaser Fath

Is post layout simulation done in PCBs? Is there any tool suite for free used for schematic and layout based simulations? Can you please name some commercial tools for post layout simulations?
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If you are just concerned about a simplified model of the board,I know some EDA tools can help you a lot.For a more detailed analysis, you should consider tools like 3D field solvers.And I know that there are some excellent solutions offered by CAD,but of course it's a little expensive.

Nigel Nichols

The tools like Zuken, Mentor and Cadence are all available.Zuken in the past is to simulate mainly high speed interfaces,checking the PCB layout.

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