Solder resist from QFP Leads

2017/2/28 18:59:16

Does anyone have design knowledge of why some manufacturers remove solder resist from the area around pads on fine pitch devices? What purpose does it serve?
I only know that it would be better for AOI as you would not have light being reflected from the solder resist coating between soldered leads as it would be a matt finish if it was removed.

Pedro Skou

2017/3/2 18:59:16

incredible work

Michele Baldin

2017/3/2 18:59:16

incredible work

Luis Moreno

2017/3/2 18:59:16

Bravo! Hope you can write soon.


2017/3/2 18:59:16

Really appreciate your content. It quite benefits my learning and it has solved my puzzles completely. Thanks.

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