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Solder Paste

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Solder paste is a material used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to connect surface mount components to pads on the board. It is also possible to solder through hole pin in paste components by print solder paste in/over the holes.

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Solder paste wetting issue
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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this Forum and still a young'n the electronics manufacturing industry so be gently on me :p
I'm currently trialing different solder pastes with our small 5 stage oven and I am having wetting issues with a particular paste. Could it be just a dodgy paste or is the problem most likely to be a process issue?
I've checked the reflow profile of the oven and it is within the recommended process window listed on the paste's datasheet. Can someone please explain to me what the possible causes are for poor wetting? I.e insufficent ramp-up/reflow time/temperature?
Any help would me much appreciated!
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