Solder Paste for SMT Production

2017/2/1 23:39:23

Well guys,
I just buy a brand new solder paste softener Malcom type SPS2, I've tried with this with this viscosity result. I Use Almit Solder Paste Lead Free LFM-52X
1 min : 264 pas. 2 min : 272 pas. 3 min : 277 pas. I use standard for Viscosity 200 +/- 20 pas.
So here is my question : 1. What is recommended viscosity standard? 2. Which one is better, higher viscosity or lower viscosity and what is relation of them to defect of production? 3. How Do you find better Planetary Motion Solder Paste Mixer or Belt Type? 4. I usually put a solder paste in refrigerator and take it if i want to use i let it abt 2 hour then i mix with solder paste mixer? Am I doing right?


2017/2/3 23:39:23

Thanks for marvelous posting.


2017/2/3 23:39:23

Like this post very much.

Jan Cwiecek

2017/2/3 23:39:23

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.


2017/2/3 23:39:23

Very valuable!


2017/2/3 23:39:23

incredible work

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