Solder Paste Dry out

2017/2/27 21:13:35

What happens as solder paste is used when it becomes un-usable? Does it dry out due to flux evaporation or does it absorb to much moisture from the air which changes its composition too much?
Now for the big question. I had an operator add flux to the solder paste jar to get more use of it. How bad of an ooops is that? Slap his hand bad or acceptable for small manufacturing firms.
FYI - we throw our paste out every friday. New paste every Monday.


2017/3/1 21:13:35

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2017/3/1 21:13:35

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Roberto Dias

2017/3/1 21:13:35

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Jeff Hanenkrat

2017/3/1 21:13:35

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2017/3/1 21:13:35

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