solder mask on PCB

2016/5/25 15:00:13

I wish my PCB in green or red paint like industrial PCBs are, but I don't want to use paint sprays. Can you tell me what I need. Should I look for UV or photo-imageable solder masks. Can you tell me the meaning of temporary solder mask as it is written in datasheet for a solder mask. What is used to remove a solder mask after exposure?

Greg Walton

2016/10/29 2:53:35

You can spray the newly etched circuit board copper with hair lacquer. But still allows you to solder straight through it. After soldering, spray it with green lacquer paint or varnish for protection - if you're that bothered about it's security.


2016/6/16 1:16:38

For UV mask you will need an exposure unit to expose the mask you want to remain on the board after developing. After expose you need to develop in a pottassium carbonate solution heated to 36 degrees.


2016/5/27 15:00:13

A great sharing for beginners. Thanks for your efforts and I will follow you and keep reading your posts.

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