Solder Balls on end of long pins

2017/2/27 6:01:44

I am wave soldering a single sided through hole PCB array with (6) .040" round diameter pins that sit .5" off the PCB, and .080" apart. The problem being experienced is that solderballs are appearing on the end of the pins. I have tried decreasing the conveyor speed along with changes to the lamda wave with no significant results. Currently in order to eliminate the solder balls I have to raise the conveyor running the arrays through a second time allowing just the bottom of the pins to touch the wave, thus eliminating the solder balls. Anyone have any suggestions as to solder long pins without solder balls on only one pass through the wave?


2017/3/1 6:01:44

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2017/3/1 6:01:44

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David Russell

2017/3/1 6:01:44

The article has really peaked my interest.Hope you can write again soon.

Ralph Hartwell

2017/3/1 6:01:44

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