Solder Ball

2017/2/2 21:17:27

Hi All SMT Net Team Member,
I always have problem at MY SMT process and production side, Every time product running at my production side always found a lot solder Ball issue near the pad of SMT chip component. We had quite hard to do the trouble shoot to get the actual root cause of that But seems like my work hard is no result. Currently my process is on top side used solder paste and at Bottom side used epoxy process. My solder paste is Kester R811. my reflow setting is 130, 170, 185, 180, 190, 250.
Any one of you face the similar problem as mine ?, any one of you can solved my problem ? Is all the water soluble solder paste must have the solder ball after reflow ?


2017/2/4 21:17:27

Nice content you’ve posted in here


2017/2/4 21:17:27

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.


2017/2/4 21:17:27

Nice sharing. What you share in this article is very useful. I will follow you and keep reading your posts.


2017/2/4 21:17:27

A good and help piece of info.

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