SOIC 14,16 and 20 pin devices

2017/2/28 7:11:53

We are having a bridging problem with SOIC 14,16 and 20 pin devices during flow solder of the bottom side of our boards. This bridging occurs about half way up the lead between the board and the body of the IC. The chip parts are no problem. The flow solder unit is a Techincal Devices MP16.The chip parts are no problem and our setup is not unusual. FR4,63/37,dancer+laminar wave,no clean and no nitrogen. Any suggestions will be appreciated


2017/3/2 7:11:53

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Alejandro Vitale

2017/3/2 7:11:53

Very impressive posting. Thank you for your efforts.


2017/3/2 7:11:53

I like checking your post and hope your update comes soon.

Roberto Burchi

2017/3/2 7:11:53

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