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Hi all, Is there anybody out there who have some experience of Valor Trilogy 5000 in respect of programming/line balancing SMT-lines consisting of Fuji CP6-4's and UIC-GSM's? Our company is seriously thinking about to go for UniCam and their solutions and at the same time, they want to hook up everything against Trace Expert!! We already have TraceExpert in our lines for component validation and we thinking of extend this TraceExpert system. The funny thing; is that we alredy have the major parts of the Trilogy 5000 system in our company; DFM, ODB++ and so forth. But we are lacking the final SMT-programming part of the system. I am/some of us are totally tired off our existing Unicam system, which is Not capable of do anything easy. But our suites says... Any input on this matter would be grateful.
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