SMT soldering

2017/2/2 13:42:07

Hi all, I am new to SMT. In past I've made many PCB boards with my small hands at home, but I've used regular technology drilling the holes for the components. I am trying to use SMT for my projects. SOP packages I was able to solder using a regular soldering iron. However it is not so easy with SSOPs. I've heard that I have to use soldering paste and oven. My question: is there any way I can use SMT (manually) and what is the process and things I need for that? Thanks in advance, Boris.

Ronnie Walker

2017/2/4 13:42:07



2017/2/4 13:42:07

I think you are a genuis. The idea in your post is quite helpful and lights me. I have been puzzled for a long time in my new project.


2017/2/4 13:42:07

Quite useful and impressive info. I have learned a lot from your article and I will keep on reading your sharing.

Franco Lanza

2017/2/4 13:42:07

Excellent work. I am impressed.

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