SMT Program Information

2017/2/2 17:58:37

I'm currently using 'program maker' to generate SMT programs for our Vitesse. The problem is we were using an old style format for our part numbers..
We have now got a part number system in place, which I now want to add to our vitesse. This will create a problem as we now have 1000+ part numbers which will all need to have their packages re-associated to our new part numbers.
I was wondering if anyone has a way to import our part number, with description and package info onto the Vitesse ?

Gyorgy Koncseg

2017/2/4 17:58:37

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.

Mustafa hakan

2017/2/4 17:58:37

This post is perfect for what I need. Thanks!


2017/2/4 17:58:37

Very valuable!

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