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In assembly the bare board is populated with electronic components, called a "printed circuit board assembly" (PCBA). In through-hole technology, the component leads are inserted in holes surrounded by conductive pads; In surface-mount technology (SMT), the component is placed on the PCB so that the pins line up with the conductive pads or lands on the surfaces of the PCB.

Community > Groups > PCB Assembly Service > SMT links (Jumpers) 8mm - 10mm(.312in -.4in)long
SMT links (Jumpers) 8mm - 10mm(.312in -.4in)long
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Theo van Eijken

We're looking for a source of SMT links (Jumpers) 8mm - 10mm(.312in -.4in)long, capable of being placed by Panasonic MV2 series or MPA machines. Does anyone manufacture a feeder that creates links on demand?
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