SMT LED functional failure

2017/2/2 1:52:57

Hi , We are using water wash solder paste to solder the SMT LED's manufactured by Chicago Miniature lamp (CMD93-21 & 22)and Kingbright. Achieving the solder fillet , wetting has no issue but we observe high fallout at the functional testing. If we do some touch up on the LED's leads the the LED pass the test. We are controlling the LED's storage and handling conditions recommended by the manufacturer. Note the the LED's are solderd on the ENIA(Electroless Ni/Immersion Gold) pads finish.

Sezgin KIR

2017/2/4 1:52:57

I have share it with my classmates. They all appreciate it a lot.

Alejandro Vitale

2017/2/4 1:52:57

Excellent work. I am impressed.

Vojtek Gábor

2017/2/4 1:52:57

It help me a lot. Thank you.

Massimo Console

2017/2/4 1:52:57

Your article answered all my puzzles.

Luc Vercruysse

2017/2/4 1:52:57

Remarkable.I have learned a lot from your post.

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