SMT chip component drop after DIP

2017/2/2 13:11:19

Hello everybody Good day My company is facing big problem with Chip drop after dipping I have analysis many case focus on 02 main cause 1. Handling process -> I would like to ask after glue bonding is abalibity drop. I test by force equipment that it is very difficult to drop after reflow 2. Very due by DIP machine. I check after Dip many chip drop. I wonder the glue not qualify I am using IR 130. Could you help me how to check the quality of glue IR 130 And the reflow profile how is suitable for it Thanks and best regards

Paul K. McKneely

2017/2/4 13:11:19



2017/2/4 13:11:19

I am a new beginner and looking for good info for study. The posted info is pretty good. I will share it with my friends.


2017/2/4 13:11:19

This post is perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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