Simple Ldr circuit help with PCB Layout

2016/10/19 19:50:46

Could you process this through some PCB software for me so I could print this to a copper board for my project


2016/12/1 10:28:37

Use as high a speed as possible, drill press, carbide bit, gentle feed rate. Don't have a drill press? Get one. A must one of those drill press mounts for a dremel style rotary tool would be great for PCBs, with the high spindle speed.


2016/11/22 6:15:56

The circuit is simple enough that you can simply draw the traces onto a piece of board material with a permanent marker exactly as in the schematic, then etch it yourself. No fancy layouts are necessary. Just orient your components as in the diagram & drill the holes in the board material. Then use the marker to draw in the traces. Make sure the marks are thick and black.

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