Siemens S15/F3 skipping component

2017/2/1 22:46:48

We have a Siemens S15 and an F3, which we have only had now for about 4 months. We have an old line of HS180s and an SP120 and have found that the S15 and F3 do not have the option to skip a part if one runs out during placement. We from time to time will run into a shortage and cannot refill a feeder as we may no longer have any of that component left in our stock, this is usually do to a miscount on inventory or a late shipment from a vendor. On the old line we can skip that part and finish placing all of the other parts on the board. The S15 and F3 as I see it has no option to skip a part and continue placing all other parts. I have been told that you can disable a gantry and place all the other parts that are on the opposite side but this is not much better than aborting the job as we have to do now. I can't believe that Siemens would have transgressed in their machines capabilities as they redesigned them or that someone hasn't figured out a fix for this problem. Does anyone have a solution on how to skip a part during a run so the rest of the parts can be placed with these machines?


2017/2/3 22:46:48

Very interesting post.


2017/2/3 22:46:48

Very valuable!


2017/2/3 22:46:48

Marvelous posting.

Borut Poljsak

2017/2/3 22:46:48

I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.

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