Should I manufacture my own boards or outsource them?

2017/2/28 3:06:27

Should I manufacture my own boards or outsource them? Any opinions are welcome. I own a company and sell electronic products. Some products we sell have specific ad-on circuit boards which I have designed and had manufactured just for my company. These boards are very small 1X1 inch with about 25 components. These boards add additional features to the products. I would like to manufacture the boards on site to cut out the middle man, save cost, and for better inventory control. Next year we will spend about $150K on these boards to have someone else manufacture them. I would like to manufacture them ourselves. I can purchase the bare boards and the components by themselves, I just need to place them on the board and solder them.
1. Has anyone else done this? positive or negative results. 2. Would the cost savings be worth purchasing the needed equipment? What's the approx. cost of the equipment needed and what equipment that you would recommend. 3. This is for OEM. We will not manufacture other companies boards just ours. 4. How difficult is it to do? I have a BSEE degree and very good at learning new things.


2017/3/2 3:06:27

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2017/3/2 3:06:27

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Luc Vercruysse

2017/3/2 3:06:27

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John Inlow

2017/3/2 3:06:27

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