Screenprint and PCB bare board landscape

2017/2/28 7:26:11

Q1. As part of a Final Year Thesis I am currently undergoing an in-deph study of the Screenprinting process for MPM 3000 Screenprinters. Ultimately I will be setting up control charts on line. Does anybody have suggestions in this area ?, I have alot of research already completed.

Q2. Another part of the thesis is a study of the PCB bare board landscape. I have a lot of interesting findings in this area already, if anybody wishes to discuss them send me an e-mail.

Kuznetsov Dmitry

2017/3/2 7:26:11

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.


2017/3/2 7:26:11

It answered all my puzzles.Very helpful.

Artur Assun??o

2017/3/2 7:26:11

Wow, these helpful info benefit me a lot. Great thanks to you.


2017/3/2 7:26:11

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

Tom Wong-Cornall

2017/3/2 7:26:11

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.

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