Routine equipment maintenance and methods

2017/5/22 18:02:49

In the printed circuit board production process, electroplating equipment mainly include the horizontal pl and vertical plating line. These two different structure of the electroplating equipment, have different delivery ways and conveyor plate equipment structure, so the maintenance is also slightly different.
1. Vertical plating line vibration maintenance, in order to ensure the uniformity of copper and the effect of copper in copper plating, the board will have vibration swing and the tank will have a vibration swing mechanism.

2. Vertical plating line maintenance is focusing on driving and hanging, linked to the circuit board for transmission. Every week you should clean the crane and staircase (no demolition for driving and hanging), so please ensure appearance clean and tidy, cleaning can be wiped with a cloth, and use sandpaper for polishing.

3. For Horizontal Electroplating Line Transfer Device Maintenance and Maintenance Horizontal Electroplating Line, the conveyor is a roller, which uses the rotation of the roller to continuously feed the circuit board into each slot. Therefore, the line transfer device maintenance of vertical plating of the horizontal plating are different. Checking the plating line of a roller cleaning and cleaning the wheel attached to the foreign body to ensure that the board when the conveyor plate clean; check the interlock to see whether there is loose or not.
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