RoHS Channel Stock

2017/2/2 21:27:07

Ok I am a little confused about an aspect of RoHS as I just heard some comments from a major manufacture that it's ok for a dealer of a product to ship a NON RoHS product to a customer after July, but you cannot distribute a NON RoHS product to the dealer themselves?
I thought we had to make sure all product into dealers was RoHS by july, but it looks like stock in the dealers is ok, and it's only stock that's sold from distributors to the dealers, and manufacturers to distributors that needs to be RoHS by july 1st.
It would make a lot of sense, as a lot of dealers must have old stock that could have been in stock for months, and it would be hard to make sure that was all RoHS, and for all dealers to have RoHS stock, manufactures would have needed to be shipping RoHS for almost a year to ensure it's all flushed out.
Does anyone know about that?

Prashanth Gunjur

2017/2/4 21:27:07

Thanks for your intelligence. Pretty interesting and useful.


2017/2/4 21:27:07

A good piece of info for learning.

Andrew Ward

2017/2/4 21:27:07

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.


2017/2/4 21:27:07


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