RoHS Board Delamination

2017/2/28 21:10:00

We are experiencing an issue with RoHS boards delaminating during SMT. In tyring to determine root cause, our board mfg house states the issue is with the laminate.
The laminate supplier states that the board house is not taking the proper precuations in preventing moisture absorption prior to processing. They state that due to the higher temperatures of RoHS processing, additional care must be implemented to ensure that there is no residual moisture during storage prior to processing (i.e. environmentally controlled storage required), and that a pre-bake should be performed prior to assembly.
Is this increased sensitivity of RoHS boards to moisture standard? We have not had any issue with the non-RoHS boards, so we are confident that this is isolated to just the RoHS boards.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Pedro Skou

2017/3/2 21:10:00

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2017/3/2 21:10:00

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tomas ageitos

2017/3/2 21:10:00

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Ciurdar Gabriel

2017/3/2 21:10:00

Remarkable.I have learned a lot from your post.

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