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PCB Rework

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Rework (or re-work) is the term for the refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, usually involving desoldering and re-soldering of surface-mounted electronic components (SMD).

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Repairing faulty PCB on harman kardon Sb15 soundba
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Borut Poljsak

There is no sound from my Sb15 Soundbar. And I took out the small PCB to look for errors: Then I found a brown fluid on the board, on different places but most around the Capacitors. Some of them are bulbed on the top and broken I guess but the brown fluid are also around those who looks ok, flat top.
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Sinan Gunay

I have seen that brown stuff become slightly conductive also use 105 deg caps.


Capacitors that have 'blown' under duress are always with poor quality. They will all require replacement.

Barbara Seria

Some of that 'Brown stuff' on the board is the glue used to prevent the caps from vibrating. However any caps need replacement even slightly bulged.


It's also better to put same value caps from the next up voltage range. This generally reduces the heating of the caps, and reduces the chance of catastrophic release of the magic smoke.

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