Remake or remove PCB hole

2016/8/21 16:54:16

I soldered a wrong resistor on a PCB, I tried to remove it with iron solder. But for some reason a resistor's leg just got stucked and in the end broke it, letting a piece of the leg soldered on the board. My question is: How can I remove this half-leg from the hole or remake the hole?


2016/12/8 8:44:56

You can use a solder wicker. After this use a lot of flux and another pass with fresh solder wicker. This way is used by me before which works well.

Allen Litton

2016/10/27 13:36:59

You can try a solder sucker. Apply some more solder to the hole, get it hot and suck it out. If that doesn't work, you could try adding solder, then heat up the hole and using the leg of another resistor or a small pick to push through the hole.


2016/8/24 8:33:39

You can carefully drill it out. You will destroy the through-hole plating when drilling, so you will have to solder the lead of the replacement resistor at the top and bottom pads. In future, use desolder braid when removing components is a good solutin.


2016/8/23 16:54:16

Remarkable.Great help to my learning.

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