Registration Fees for Automation Equipments

2017/3/1 1:47:33

Hello all,
We have came into this problem that I wanted to get everyone's input on from the SMTNET. We have roughly four pieces of equipment from a major manufacturer that we purchased from various brokers. We have two reflow ovens, one wave solder, and a batch cleaner...all from the same major manufacturer. We have had some downtime regarding different issues with the different pieces. We have been informed that the mfr. will no longer support the equipment without us first paying a registration fee. This I can understand, as far as the economy goes, and no one really buying new equipment these days. I am concerned with the details of the service agreement, however. We are being told we have to pay 3k for EACH machine!!!!!! I am fine with a 3-5k blanket fee, but not with 12k. Has anyone else dealt with this situation lately? If this "major" mfr. is having rough times, I don't think making the little guy (the CUSTOMER and someone who's going rough times as well) pay out of the nose. There are other mfrs. out there and when times get better, my memory will direct me in the proper direction. Any thoughts??
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