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2017/2/28 21:02:39

We're currently running a manncorp ECM-93, which has served us alright, but we've pretty much outgrown it.
We manufacture power electronics, a lot of double sided designs with odd form parts. We have about 30 different designs we manufacture, and we run maybe 200 of each board a month. Part of the problem with our current machine is its slow, and a lot of the problem is that its not all that repeatable/consistent, so someone has to check the boards with tweezers, and tweak a component here or place a missed component there. That's annoying. Also there are ome components that we just have to place by hand (smaller than .8mm pitch)
We need a new machine (or probably a used machine) with the following capabilities:
0402 discretes .5mm pitch ICs Odd form parts (SMT dip switch blocks, encoders, etc) Batch processing 4000ish places/hour ICs up to 25mm square Relatively inexpensive large tape feeders (16 and 24mm especially) and stick feeders Easy changeover Handles really tiny panels (.75" x 4" or smaller)
It'd be nice if it was a common enough machine that it was easy to find feeders on the used market. That's a major problem with the ECM-93 (its a mamiya machine, feeders are hen's teeth)
I'd prefer to lease or finance for not more than $1500 a month. Suggestions?
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