Quickest way to fabricate fan-out for 0.5mm pitch BGA

2016/10/21 19:06:07

I'm working on a 6-layer design involving a 223-pin BGA with 0.5mm pitch, and ball size is 0.3mm with a 16-bit DDR3 controller involved. Currently routing a track between two balls is resulting in a track width of 0.1mm and a spacing of 0.077mm. What I want to know is if anyone else has an opinion on the best way to fan-out this kind of BGA to make it as quick and easy to produce as possible?


2016/11/4 7:41:29

I would reduce the track width for the second row under the BGA to be lower than 0.1 and fan it out. Once you are out of the BGA, put the track width to 0.1. Some PCB manufacturers are able to meet stricter rules in a small area in one place of PCB.


2016/10/24 7:35:07

The options of you is not many. If you had more layers you could have routed the outer row on the top and the second and third rows on internal layers. That way you wouldn't need to route between pads. I am not sure if you can do that on 6 layers though.

Jeff Hanenkrat

2016/10/23 19:06:07


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