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2017/1/31 9:32:17

Nice intro letter our president sent to a potential new customer. Gives an abbreviated summary of our offerings…
PCB-Solutions is a custom fabrication distributer located here in Reno, Nevada. Twelve years ago we opened our offices with the philosophy of offering western companies a safe and effective way into China. We are an out sourcing specialist that outsources PCB requirements and other electronic services. Our objective is to offer significant cost savings while receiving a high quality product. We have developed several relationships in the United States and in China, and maintain our offshore relationships by doing extensive annual audits and daily communications.
During the qualification process, which starts with face to face visits to evaluate management team and a quality audit, we rigorously evaluate many aspects of a suppliers’ system. Next we have the potential supplier build a 4 Layer evaluation board / panel that we review the following: cross sectioning of the PCB so we can measure plating thickness in barrels (PTH) as well as surface copper thickness and surface finish; evaluate their etching, drill & solder mask registration and a solderability test.
All PCB’s are full net list tested (E-test). This is all documented and sent with every order. We currently have 5 different suppliers ranging from low volume low and high technology to high volume low and high technology and a pure flex and ridged flex supply chain.
In addition we offer membrane switches overlays and cable and wire harnesses. With our cable service, we offer low and high pressure over molding and we are a certified Apple manufacturer for aftermarket cabling. Locally, we offer stocking programs (scheduled deliveries and stocked locally up to 3 months). Our future growth area will be injection molding.


2017/2/2 9:32:17

This post is perfect for what I need. Thanks!


2017/2/2 9:32:17

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

Teguh Sobirin

2017/2/2 9:32:17

This post is really interesting.

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