Questions of double Sided Pcb?

2016/5/4 10:13:51

I have a few questions of manufacturing PCB two layers PCB: 1.Before printing, what should I do? Mirror the image of top layer? 2. How exactly do I make a via? 3. What's the best way to align the sides well for vias matching? 4.Is there some kind of coating that I can put over the board after soldering everything, so that a stray piece of metal falling on the board won't cause a short circuit?


2016/10/7 22:26:41

I use the method that kl27x mentioned with the wire for vias. I cut it about an inch long and stick it through the hole.


2016/6/2 17:51:44

I am heating the laminator as we speak and will post back with how it went shortly. I also ran the copper clad through the grinder on one end to give it a point. My hope is that it will fit tightly into the fold of the paper that way and not have the copper clad width to throw the layouts off.

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