Questions about SPI design traces for a PCB

2016/8/8 13:35:19

I'm designing a PCB with SPI comunication between a mastar and slave. There is a quesstion about the SCLK trace. Does it Has to be the same length as MOSI and MISO traces? It is clear that the last two have to be the same length but I'm not really sure about SCLK.


2016/12/9 3:30:23

Try and keep tracks as short as possible because at some point transmission line effects will also defeat SPI due to reflections.


2016/11/20 1:16:54

Outward bound from master to slave- MOSI and SCLK should have delays that are preferably identical but this isn't the fundamental problem with SPI. When it comes to inbound data via MISO you witness the fundamental problem with SPI because, the master is clocking-in MISO data synchronous to its local SCLK but, the slave is clocking data out against a delayed version of SCLK due to the length of the wires.

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