Questions about setting origin of coordinates

2016/8/14 10:00:02

I got a drawing frame when starting Pcbnew. And the (0;0) coord is on the top left, a bit out of the frame. So I have several questions that as following: - Can I turn off displaying the frame ? - Can I move origin to bottom left? - Can I change direction of y?

Allen Litton

2016/11/20 5:38:13

It would be best if we could redefine the origin. It helps a lot when creating complicated board outlines from a mechanical drawing. Setting your board origin the same makes it easy to get the board outline correct.


2016/11/19 9:06:24

That behavior is popular throughout the world for ECAD and 2D drawing software. Actually changing the coordinate system on demand invites all kinds of problems.


2016/11/12 8:26:45

For your question 2 and 3, my answer is as following: (2) The answer is no. You may define a local reference for various purposes, but the coordinate system and its origin remain unchanged. (3) The answer is no. There is any CAD software I know that allow


2016/9/29 13:23:09

I've also encountered this problem like you. When placing grid origin only the grid moves, not the co?rdinate system. Is there anyone can solve this problem?


2016/8/27 7:11:54

Put the (0.0) at the front panel or so. So that it is easy to edit the component placement. I use PADS which can easily redefine the origin.

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