Question about BOM (bill of material)

2016/4/24 9:01:04

Is it necessary to have revision or version of the parts in the Bill of Material?

Fabián Do?aque

2016/12/16 18:00:28

If you have the ability to do an extract of the item detail for the items on the BOM, you can do an extract "snap shot" that extracts the BOM items by both PN and Rev.


2016/6/16 18:36:22

Will you ever have a need to know what rev of a part was in a product you supplied to your customer long after the fact?

Ronnie Walker and Neal Ward

2016/5/11 11:41:24

Can a same part number have different revision levels? If yes and the BOM is used to make sure the proper revision level for the component is identified, then, the answer for your question is yes, and the BOM should have the rev level of the part.

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