Quad &quot

2017/2/2 6:12:47

I`m just trying to tell people that Quad , is have been really a problem for our company , we have seen other machines and they don`t. If we have a problem ,one day it keeps coming back the next day , they technical support , just keep on telling me to buy a new card , but that is ni the solution the software they do have to make it better. Before you buy one try something also and you will see.

john brooks

2017/2/4 6:12:47

Like this post very much.

Jana Velicova

2017/2/4 6:12:47



2017/2/4 6:12:47

An interesting post.

Christever Rosario

2017/2/4 6:12:47

Quite useful and impressive info.Thanks for marvelous posting.

2B labs

2017/2/4 6:12:47

You did a great job. Really appreciate your content.

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