Quad IVC Laser align init problem

2017/2/27 17:07:04

Hi All, I have a Quad 4C that the quadalign processor started acting up on. Where the Hand Held Progrmmer would hang at "Laser Align Init" when you first turn the machine on.
A couple of times I was able to get it running by pressing the reset button on the Quadalign processor board several times, but now that wont even work.(I had to remove the board from the machine and take off the perforated cover) It seems that the processor is NOT starting because there are 4 red leds on the board that stay on when it is NOT working. But when it does boot up, they start flickering. I can see the RS232 'AutoBaud' signal going into the board, (on Pin 3 of J2) but you see nothing on Pin 5 until the board kicks into action, then you see the RS232 responses. I also checked the cable that goes to the laser head, and it seems fine. Has anyone had similar problems getting this board to start, or intermittent starting? Right now it wont start at all and I've been fooling with it for a couple of days.
Thanks in advance!


2017/3/1 17:07:04

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2017/3/1 17:07:04

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Balazs Szucs

2017/3/1 17:07:04

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.

Guillaume Leblanc

2017/3/1 17:07:04


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