Programming help for GSM

2017/2/2 1:13:34

Minor problem with rejected parts on a GSM C4 single flex head. UIC support was helpfull but I thought some of you may have encountered this problem and know what's the matter. We are rejecting 1 out of 3 SOT-63 parts. The problem is occuring to parts presented to the upward looking camera with the leads pointing up in the monator. The first pick is presented this way and rejected. The next two picks are presented with leads pointing down and are accepted. Placement on boards is at 90 degrees for two locations. Pre orient is turned on. With pre orient on these parts should only be presented to the camera with leads down in monator. Why is the first part being pre orented backwards. Is there something I'm missing. I will call UIC again tomorrow but I thought sombody may know what's up.

Balazs Szucs

2017/2/4 1:13:34

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2017/2/4 1:13:34

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2017/2/4 1:13:34

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2017/2/4 1:13:34

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