Printed circuit boards materials

2017/2/2 1:12:37

Can you share some information on the hazardous materials and cleaning details for your manufacturing processes, please ?
These are the questions I need to ask you:
1. Do you use brominated fire retardant in PWB material? If not, what other type of materials do you use instead?
2. Do you use PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)or PCN (Polychlorinated Naphthalenes) as insulation or heat-transfer medium ? If yes, what is the intended usage?
3. Do you use lead-free solder for PWB fabrication? If yes, what type of lead-free alloy do you use? If no, are you planning to implement it? how?


2017/2/4 1:12:37

Quite good posting. Your knowledge is quite impressive and useful to me who is new beginner. Hope you can write more posts and I will keep on reading.


2017/2/4 1:12:37

Good resource for new beginners.


2017/2/4 1:12:37

Pretty good and useful info for beginners.

Jana Velicova

2017/2/4 1:12:37

Great work. I really appreciate it.


2017/2/4 1:12:37

Your sharing is quite useful to my new project. Thanks a lot.

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