Print PCB

2016/5/9 11:42:14

What if you take a bit of photo board, cover the surface with some sort of gel and print water based ink directly onto that. The gel would only be needed to prevent the water based ink beading up. Expose to UV, develop and etch as normal. The gel and ink wash away during development.


2016/12/7 14:43:49

I have seen somewhere to generate G-code from Gerber files, and then these G-codes are used to make PCB via milling process. Maybe this is a simple way to print PCB.

Terry Lenny

2016/8/12 3:26:48

I've considered going this route but got sidetracked by ultraviolet lasers - I picked up a couple from China and a few Bluray ones from consoles.


2016/7/24 8:35:49

For single sided I personally just use toner transfer. Not the best but it involves very little equipment and it works well enough.


2016/5/11 11:42:14

Your article answered all my puzzles.

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