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PCB Assembly Rule

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Join in this group and you will know many rules of PCB Assembly and solve the problems when in PCB assembly.

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Preparation Software for PCB Assembly Data
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Adrian Voroniuc

Many new enhanced features have been added to GC-PLACE 4.1 for Windows, the off-line creation and verification software for pc board fabrication and assembly, to aid in ease of use and improve productivity time. Manufacturing Rules Check now performs soldermask checks to ensure part clearance. Fill and Fix polygon commands make working with odd shaped polygons easier, as well as enhancing stencil preparation and documentation. The DXF drawing format is now imported, allowing the program to read drawings from most popular mechanical CAD systems directly for both viewing and creating assembly drawings. The proprietary and powerful programming language GC-Basic, built into all versions of the software, has also been enhanced with many new language elements added to support the improvements.

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