Polyimide PCB card assembly

2017/2/28 6:16:56

Hello all I have a question concerning whether or not there is any special requirements to follow for assembly of a Polyimide PCB card. The customer has the following information on there documentation but since we have never built anything with Polyimide PCB's this is new. The board is to be 6 layers with a thickness of .056" +/- .005". There is no solder mask and no silkscreen, no copper nomenclature on board. This is an all leaded assembly with the requirement of soldering components to pcb with Hi-temp solder. We are anticipating we will handsolder followed by water washing for the assembly process. Any info will help. Thank you


2017/3/2 6:16:56

A good and help piece of info.

Davide Fontana

2017/3/2 6:16:56

Good resource for new beginners.


2017/3/2 6:16:56


Piet Friskus

2017/3/2 6:16:56

Quite useful and impressive info.Thanks for marvelous posting.

Teguh Sobirin

2017/3/2 6:16:56

This post is really interesting.

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