Pluggable PCB Block Can Be Used in High-Current

2017/1/21 16:38:42

A new high-power, pluggable printed circuit board terminal block can be used in high-current, high-voltage applications. The Power Combicon PC 6 terminal block has a pin spacing of 10.16 mm and is UL recognized at 41A, 600V. According to the company, a highly conductive copper alloy combined with dual socket connections gives the product the most reliable high-current connection in the industry. The PC 6 is a pluggable terminal block with two to eight positions. The plug will accept #20 - 8 AWG wires. Its header comes in both horizontal and vertical versions with optional locking flanges for vibration-resistant connections.

Sezgin KIR

2017/1/23 16:38:42

Interesting and useful!

Andre Bosshard

2017/1/23 16:38:42


Javier Martínez

2017/1/23 16:38:42

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.


2017/1/23 16:38:42


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